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Integra Consult offers software development and project management services that are rooted in more than 25 years of international experience. The company has satisfied customers in Canada, USA, Israel, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Holland in different sectors such as Defence, Government, Telecom, and the United Nations

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We provide remote and on-site software develoment services. Key areas of expertise are: content management systems, mobile app development and web development.

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More than 2 decades of project management experience that started international Defence, the sector that already applied the PRINCE2 concepts even before the method itself saw the light of day! We offer project management services, PRINCE2 consultancy and interim management services

Software development

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  • Mobile apps

    Mobile App development for IOS and Android. Java, Objective C and Swift2.

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  • Web development

    HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, SQL.

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  • Information management

    Business analyses, information (work)flows, information modelling.

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  • Content management systems

    Corporate portals, CMS configuration. CMS development for Drupal, Liferay, WordPress and Joomla.

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Project management

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  • Project management

    Our first customers were in international defence. This business sector already applied project management processes and best practices even before project management frameworks such as Prince2 were even invented. Integra Consult offers on site Prince2 project management as well as proven and practical project management consultancy.

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  • Interim management

    Integra Consult offers interim management services that are rooted in 25 year experience.

Mobile app examples

Conference management system for UN IFAD

The UN International Fund for Agricultural Development is funded and governed by its Member Countries. Governance is implemented through a series of public and restricted board and committee meetings. These events are organized and managed by IFAD’s Office of the Secretary.

For this office a conference management system was built that allowed for online and offline document sharing, delegate registration, delegate presence, management of interventions, speeches and communication between Member State Delegates.

Telephone app for Telecom start-up

Tell-me is an native softphone app for IOS and Android that allows for cheap international phone calls to the normal public telephone network. Since the app uses the latest voice encoding technology the sound quality is superior to household names such as Skype, Viber or WhatsApp.

The phone app is built as a native IOS as well as a native Android app. The project also included the development of a custom content management system and customer portal as well as back end systems for financial administration and automatic provisioning of phone lines to the public PSTN network.

Document management for UN-FAO

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization regularly organizes international conferences and large events. Some of these events are restricted, some are open to the public.

FAO-docs handles both types of events and streamlines the electronic distribution of conference material, event information and official documentation over the web. FAO docs is multilingual as it supports Arabic, Chinese, English, French,Spanish as well as Russian. The app can be used to browse FAOs events, look for specific information and download event documents for off-line use. The app interfaces with the backend infrastructure through JSON/REST. The app is built as a hyrid application (webview based) and runs on IOS and Android devices.


The board app is an extension of the conference management system described above, and allows for automated document distribution, push notifications, automated document downloads, and off line document reading as well as annotation. The app is multi-lingual as it supports the four official IFAD languages: Arabic, English, Frenchand Spanish. The app is able to communicate with the backend CMS through webservices based on REST and JSON.

The board app is an native IOS app that is targeted primarily at IPAD.

CMS examples

Secure intranet/extranet for UN IFAD

The UN International Fund for Agricultural Development is transforming into an organization with increasing in-country presence. As the organization becomes more and more dispersed, the need to share information and stay in touch becomes paramount.

In this project a vision was created on how this need could be fulfilled, and what role modern content management systems should play. A prototype portal was developped that targeted both staff as well as field organizations, governments and NGO's. It contained a secure coupling of IFAD's intranet and extranet, and allowed for easy information exchange between field offices and HQ. The system was developped with the Drupal content management framework.

Rural poverty portal for UN IFAD

The UN International Fund for Agricultural Development's mission is to raise the living standards of the rural poor. In support of this mission IFAD publishes content about their projects on its Rural Poverty Portal.

The Rural Poverty Portal is built on top of the Liferay content management framework. It is still used today by the Liferay company itself as a shining example on what can be achieved with their technology.

Knowledge management portal for UN-IFAD

IFADAsia is a collaboration and knowledge sharing platform. It is multinational (outreach to the Asia and Pacific region) and targets government personnel, NGO’s and IFAD in country and HQ staff as well as in-country project staff, consultants and partners. The platform has a strong focus on knowledge management and features elements such as :

  • a resource library
  • a collaboration space
  • e-learning facilities
  • training videos
  • development themes, for example gender and climate change.. etc.

IFADAsia is built on top of Liferay and recently prototypes have been developped in Drupal in order to facilitate a migration to this framework.

Customer portal and backend systems for Tell-me

Tell-me is a young European telecom start-up that offers high quality phone calls at very low rates.

The project encompassed the development of back-end systems for the company's financial adminsitration, automatic provisioning of telephone lines and a helpdesk/ticketting system. Also a content management system was developped for the company and a client portal was built on top of this CMS.

Agripedia: a developmental knowledge resource center

UN-IFAD has overseen development projects to support the rural poor for many years, and in the course of those years has built up a true treasure trove of developmental knowledge. However UN-IFAD currently does not have a central access point from which that knowledge can be shared between staff and field projects.

Agripedia was built on top of the Drupal content management system. It is a one stop shopping point for developmental knowledge, procedures and best development practices. It contains not only IFAD resources but also automated links and integration with other sources such as ELDIS and other global knowledge bases.


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